[Scribus] Where are the font files? Hurry, please!

Robert R. Di Giorgio bobdi
Fri Jul 22 21:40:18 CEST 2005

I have just upgraded to 1.3.0, but I liked the fonts in 1.2.2 a lot 
better -- and since I used 1.2.2 for last month's edition of my church 
newsletter, I would like to keep the former set of fonts.  I would also 
like to standardize Open Office with the same fonts, because I use it to 
prepare articles for the newsletter. (This is a 24-page color booklet, 
and I'm way behind for this issue!)

But I can't find the fonts. Are they hidden somewhere, or disguised with 
a non-obvious directory name?

StarOffice 7 also has the fonts I want, but I can't find those, either.

My installation is is FC4, P4 cpu.

If you have the answer, please email bobdi at mindspring.com.  I'm in a rush!


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