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robert robert
Fri Jul 22 08:41:01 CEST 2005

On Thursday 21 July 2005 18:17, PLinnell wrote:
> On Friday 22 July 2005 01:11, robert wrote:
> > I've just starting using 1.3.0 (July 14, 2005 build) and I can
> > export just fine. The problem is the pictures look very dark in
> > Reader (7.0). I've got the export set for screen/web and I didn't
> > find anything in archives. Just out of curiousity, I also loaded
> > the pdf up in xpdf, and while the fonts look bad, the pictures are
> > fine. Can anyone explain what's going on?

A follow-up:

I found an old copy of Scribus (1.2.1, Jan 08, 2005) on my HD, so I decided to 
see if that has the same problem. I created two new pdfs, containing the 
exact same picture, one from Scribus 1.2.1 and the other in Scribus 1.3.0. 
Surprise! The 1.2.1 version displays just fine, while the 1.3.0 pdf is too 
dark. I checked the export options and can't find any differences.

Then I got another idea, "What if I load the image up in the GIMP and convert 
it to jpg?". It was originally a png (with an alpha channel). Well, I did 
that and now the jpg based 1.3.0 pdf displays fine. So it looks like a 
Scribus problem after all, but it only affects Reader in Linux. Arggggh! 
Well, at least I have a work around.

Can anyone with a more current Scribus (after July 14, 2005 build) confirm 
this for me? Do pngs display too dark? I'll file a bug report, but I'd like 
to know it's not just me first.

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