[Scribus] Openoffice font usage questions

Tornóci László torlasz
Thu Jul 21 14:33:07 CEST 2005


thank you for your reply.

PLinnell wrote:
>>2. I have a few greek characters in my text, so I used the
>>'Standard Symbols L' font in Oo. After importing the text into
>>Scribus (without error messages), the greek letters show up as
>>empty squares in Scribus and empty spaces in the exported pdf. I
>>can use Edit text|Insert special feature to insert greek chars, and
>>now they show up correctly both in the text frames and the
>>generated pdf. I can also live with this, but it is certainly a
>>nuisance, and it is easy to make an error by not inserting the
>>greek chars at the necessary places. Am I doing something wrong?
> I would try using a different font which might have these symbols, 
> perhaps a large Unicode font like Arial or Cardo, which has these 
> symbols.

Cardo is nice, but it lacks bold and italic versions, doesn't it?
Anyway, as a workaround inserting the greek chars is acceptable for me 
for the text I am currently working on. As a beginner for Scribus, what 
I would like to know: is the above behavior a bug in Scribus, or it is 
expected, and I simply must not use two different font types in a single 
Oo doc to be imported into Scribus?

>>3. I see quite a few fonts in Oo, which are not available in
>>Scribus (e.g. Opensymbol, Baekmuk etc.), How can I get Scribus to
>>use these fonts?
> Add the paths to them via Tools > Settings > Fonts > Additional Paths 
> *without* any documents open. Explained here: 

I know how to add a font path. It is ridiculous, but I couldn't find 
where Openoffice puts its own additional fonts. Does anyone know the 
path (I am using FC4) ?

                                    Yours: Laszlo

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