[Scribus] Openoffice font usage questions

Tornóci László torlasz
Thu Jul 21 11:39:28 CEST 2005


I am using Scribus and Openoffice 2.0-1.9.112 (installed as rpms 
using yum) on a FC4 machine. I can import Openoffice odt text documents 
into scribus text frames. I use the Nimbus Roman No9 L font; most things 
are fine, but I have a few problems:

1. after using italics in Oo and importing it into Scribus, Scribus 
unsuccessfully looks for 'Nimbus Roman No9 L Italic', but substituting 
'Nimbus Roman No9 L Regular Italic' for it solves this problem. However, 
I can use bold without any of this, no substitution is necessary. Not a 
real problem, but strange.

2. I have a few greek characters in my text, so I used the 'Standard 
Symbols L' font in Oo. After importing the text into Scribus (without 
error messages), the greek letters show up as empty squares in Scribus 
and empty spaces in the exported pdf. I can use Edit text|Insert special 
feature to insert greek chars, and now they show up correctly both in 
the text frames and the generated pdf. I can also live with this, but it 
is certainly a nuisance, and it is easy to make an error by not 
inserting the greek chars at the necessary places. Am I doing something 

3. I see quite a few fonts in Oo, which are not available in Scribus 
(e.g. Opensymbol, Baekmuk etc.), How can I get Scribus to use these fonts?

                                     Yours: Laszlo

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