[Scribus] Re : Scribus for Win32

Jean Ghali jghali
Tue Jul 19 23:05:28 CEST 2005

 >>Please pardon my ignorance if this was discussed recently, but I was
 >>wondering if there was an ETA for the Scribus version that will run on
 >>Windows.  Even a beta version, that may be buggy but still functional?

As Peter mentionned it, the win32 build is clearly in pre-alpha state. 
You could make some layout, but for now, no postscript export nor pdf 
export. Don't speak about printing So you could not make a lot a thing 
from your work.

To be more precise a lot of work is still to be done in cvs :
- first correct some glitches in the main application
- make PostScript export and Pdf export work : qtwin-free behavior is 
not always what is expected, even in latest snapshot.
- make plugins system function correctly and not crash , probably the 
most careful work to be done, as memory management between modules is a 
hell on win32 compared to what it is on *nix. Craig Ringer will 
implement a new plugin system in 1.3.1 cvs, more portable than the 
current one.
- provide printing functionnality, first using pdf export and call to 
Acrobat (or the default application), and only after using gdi(+) or 
postscript print path depending on printer type.

 >> What is working, works *really* well

It's not my fault!!!!

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