[Scribus] insert lorem ipsum: back to context menu?

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Tue Jul 19 02:52:46 CEST 2005

> Not sure what you mean by the "context menu."

Context menu is what you get when you right-click on an item with your 
mouse ;)

Maybe it's just my personal customs, since I've been using software like 
StarOffice/OO.o and many UNIX/Linux programmes for years alongside 
MacOS/Windows style products on different platforms. I admit, using the 
right mouse button -- not to mention the one in the middle -- isn't 
something most MacOS/Windows users are used to, but it's extremely 
convenient, IMHO.

One of the advantages of scribus, compared to most other DTP apps, for 
me, is the use of serious context menus (you have them in QXP, ID, and 
others as well, but the implementation is not even nearly as reasonable 
as in scribus). Using the context menu helps a lot to speed up productivity.

> Isn't Insert/Sample text easy enough to use?

It's easy, of course, but having the feature available in the context 
menu, is much more convenient. It has been there before, and I suggest 
to move it back.


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