[Scribus] Playing with Scribus Splash II

netkat at comcast.net netkat
Mon Jul 18 16:06:21 CEST 2005

I'd think "Professional Layout Program" does it 

My reasons: "publishing" refers more to the legal 
and financial structures for publishing a work 
either on paper or on the web. You could say that 
to 'publish' is to offer in a publicly-viewable 
form, but the implications of copyright and 
ownership transcend the mere physicality of the 
medium of distribution. 

"Suite" implies several components rolled into 
one. True, while Scribus offers drawing, PDF and 
web design capabilities, it isn't a "Suite" in 
the same sense that Adobe's CS is, in which there 
are discrete, standalone applications: 1 for page 
design, 1 for illustration, 1 for photo editing, 
etc. They all work together, and there is some 
overlapping functionality, yet each is 
specialized for its main purpose.

I think that "Professional" is a big help at this 
stage of the game, because many out there aren't 
aware of Scribus. I personally heard of it only 
months ago, and thought "yeah, right...another 
design app," but when I saw how serious Scribus 
really is, and how mature its tool set is, I 
changed my view quickly (and picked my jaw off 
the floor).

Scribus IS a professional tool and needs to be 
thought of as one.

I'd say the one thing which may hold Scribus from 
being embraced on a wide scale (for now) is the 
printing issue. Going to PDF is fine, and may 
very well be the future for everyone, but at this 
time, many design firms and advertising agencies 
still use the Computer Files>Pre Press>Printing 
Press workflow, as opposed to the PDF>Press 
workflow. Some pioneers have a PDF workflow, but 
these are the exception right now. I'm speaking 
as one who works in the business in the states 
(Chicago) but not trying to speak for everyone on 

Might seem like a silly thing for ad agencies not 
to want to bother making a PDF before they can 
print proofs, but when you're under the gun with 
clients screaming for more, better, faster, and 
cheaper, adding more steps to a workflow is the 
last thing you want to do.


On Mon, 18 Jul 2005 09:35:27 -0400, Nicholas 
Vettese wrote:
>  Professional Layout Program 
>  or
>  Professional Publishing Program
>  or
>  Professional Design Suite
>  Nick Vettese
> netkat at comcast

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