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Fri Jul 15 04:46:26 CEST 2005

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This is a real milestone. I think this is even more significant than the
1.0 release, because it marks Scribus' arrival as a *full-featured,
professional-level, multi-platform* page layout tool. (I'm reluctant to
use the word "desktop publishing," as one does not usually use that term
to describe Quark or InDesign.) I'm using the Mac-Aqua build on a weekly
basis in a production setting in my book publishing company without

Thanks and congratulations to all the Scribus team members for the
superb work. It's a real pleasure, as a professional-level user, to see
Scribus come fully into bloom.


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Craig Bradney wrote:
| The Scribus Team is pleased to announce a technology preview of the next
| generation of Scribus - Open Source Desktop Publishing.
| The aim for this release is to bring improvements and enhancements for
| professionals and beginning users alike. 1.3.0 improves Scribus'
abilities in
| areas like performance, accessibility and workflow. With this release, we
| also commence support for Scribus running natively on Windows and Mac
| While it is very stable and usable, there are a number of under the hood
| changes which will continue through the 1.3.x series
| - Work is on-going to make Scribus more platform independent and alpha
| builds of Scribus are already working on Win32 and Mac OS X. A native
Mac OS
| X build is available at
| - There is a new undo system, which includes an undo palette that has
the undo
| history with details of each action. Undo also has object specific
| capabilities. The number of undo/redo steps can be set in the preferences.
| - Revised document and application preferences. Extensive attention
has been
| placed on making preferences easier to use with document and application
| preferences distinctly separated.
| - Scribus now has "scratch space" which can be used to store objects
| or fully off the page.
| - Scribus can now generate Tables of Contents, based on user
| definable/selectable attributes.
| - Scribus now has its own built-in pre-flight verifier for printing or
| exporting to PDF. The pre-flighter is designed to look for issues
which might
| cause problems when printing or exporting PDF.
| - More professional DTP features like adding ciceros for measurement
units and
| support. Scribus now has true facing page support and page objects
such as
| images can span them.
| - Scribus now has more extensive support for CMYK images, as well as
| paths in TIFF files, CMYK-JPEG, as well as new support for native
Photoshop ?
| PSD files. 16-bit RGB/CMYK TIFF and PSD support will follow soon. ICC
| management of for these image formats is also upgraded.
| - New image effect features including tinting, greyscaling, blurring,
| colorizing and sharpening.
| - Scribus 1.3.0 now supports PDF 1.5 features including layers in PDF.
| - Scribus 1.3.0 uses an intermediary file format based on the Scribus
| format. The new format to finally replace this intermediary format is in
| design and development stages and its implementation will begin soon.
| For future development versions, we will be announcing competitions
for icon
| sets and splashscreens.
| The Scribus Team would also like to thank Consulting
| n at work GmbH, Hamburg for gracefully sponsoring our Scribus Documentation
| site, our Bug Tracker and Anonymous CVS server. Also, a note of thanks to
| University of Salford - School of Media, Music and Performance for
| continued hosting of and upgrading the server hardware.
| Getting Scribus 1.3.0
| You can:
| Download from our Sourceforge page:
| Download from under:  1.3.0 Downloads
| Get the MacOSX build from
| View some screenshots of the various versions at
| (to be updated in the coming days)
| regards
| Craig
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