[Scribus] pdf problem

wayne iw
Thu Jul 14 22:23:02 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 12 July 2005 09:26 am, PLinnell wrote:

> On Tuesday 12 July 2005 21:01, wayne wrote:
> > I create newspaper ads with scribus and send them in as pdf files.
> > Most of the time there is no problem but sometimes the ads don't
> > print out correctly. The fonts appear either scattered all over the
> > place or parts of the text are missing.
> >
> > The newspaper company claims that all of their software are up to
> > date and it's my fault. One paper suggested that I use postscript
> > fonts instead of true type fonts. My ads (the exact same one) print
> > properly in most of the company's newspapers but gets screwed up in
> > a couple of the papers. My question is how can I be sure that my
> > pdfs will print out properly in all of the company's newspapers?
> You cannot if the are doing things like trying to import PDF into
> Quark. (Some people work that way...)
> If paper A gets the same exact file as paper B and paper B has
> problem, then that needs direct inquiry.
> The Type 1 font is better than True Type argument is long over IMO..
> Good True Type fonts are perfectly fine if they are embedded or subset
> properly. One of my clients uses a mixture of Type 1, True Type and
> Open Type fonts in PDF without a single error or problem on win32.
> That said, I find it in-excusable except for the tinyest organizations
> not to have PDF pre-flight software. Moreover, Acrobat Professional
> 6.0+ has its own built in preflight tool for checking for these kinds
> of issues

I checked with the newspaper and they this is what they told me: 

"We use PitStop 6.0 pro to check the pdfs we get as well as to fix any 
minor problems it may flag, they are imported into quark when they are 
placed on the page and then the entire page is made into a pdf and sent to 
the press."


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