[Scribus] templates anyone?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jul 11 20:21:43 CEST 2005

Sebastian Bassi wrote:

>I am very new with Scribus and with DTP in general. My goal is to
>publish a Science Newspaper (weekly) in Spanish. I have most articles
>already written (in OpenOffce), but I lack desing skills of any type.
>My budget is too tight to hire somebody to do a template for me to put
>the articules in. So I would like to ask in this group of someone has
>a written template file that I could use?
>Best regards,
The only thing you need (in addition to Scribus) is a *sense* of good 
vs. bad design, which most people have whether they know it or not.
I would say (and no doubt other list members will chime in if they 
disagree or can add something) that generally speaking you want a 
pleasing, legible font for your text, perhaps one other font type for 
headlines/headings for contrast, then after that it comes down to a 
visual sense of balance with where and how you use images or graphics. 

If you are talking about a newspaper/newsletter, you never want to get 
carried away with the design.  Hopefully, the content is the most 
important part.

Try out some templates that already exist, then experiment.  Ask for 
feedback about the finished product. 


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