[Scribus] Problems using transparent images with PDF/X-3

PLinnell mrdocs
Fri Jul 8 18:21:12 CEST 2005

On Friday 08 July 2005 17:00, Dirk Zugenmaier wrote:
> > On Friday 08 July 2005 16:46, Dirk Zugenmaier wrote:
> > > > > Anyone any idea how to match the background of the image
> > > > > with the background of my scribus-file?
> > > >
> > > > Why not just use PDF 1.4 and get to use transparency?
> > >
> > > The printing guy want's PDF/X-3, so i have no choice...
> >
> > Then you shouldnt be using CMYK as export will convert all images
> > to ICC ba= sed=20
> > RGB.
> mhhh... thats weird... i was told to give him a CMYK PDF/X-3 ?!?
> dirk

Without seeing the files. some thoughts:

1) That your printer wants PDF/X-3 is a Good Thing TM. Have they 
specified a particular destination print profile? IMO, they should.

2) Seeing that they are capable of handling PDF/X-3, they might handle 
icc based RGB PDF/X-3 which 1.2.x capably handles. I have done some 
Scribus brochures and posters with a PDF/X-3 capable EFI rip and the 
screen to print match is superb. I  would be inclined to go back to 
the printer and ask. In my experience, this allows the best screen to 
print match for 1.2.x

As for unexpected, CMYK > RGB conversions in 1.2.x, I put in a tool 
tip and I am revising the docs with a big fat warning not to use CMYK 
images and PDF/X-3 in 1.2.x. 

I guess the prior lack of warning is my fault as I really did not 
folks to try and use CMYK images when only RGB profiles can be used.

3) If CMYK PDF/X-3 is required, then you really need to use 1.3.0cvs 
and Cinepaint or Photoshop 6+ in place of GIMP and convert the PNG 
files to TIFF, then use clipping paths in the tiff to allow for the 
background to show through. 

CMYK support is *vastly* better in 1.3.0cvs is vastly improved, 
including support for layered TIFF or PSD files and proper support 
for clipping paths.

I hope that helps,


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