[Scribus] Aqua snapshot, Ghostscript

zee zeekey
Wed Jul 6 16:12:57 CEST 2005

OK..thanks for the clarification, Andreas..and thank you for your 
stellar work on this project. I'm about to begin a serious project 
using this version of Scribus, so I'll probably be able to provide 
useful feedback soon.


On Wed, 6 Jul 2005 15:58:58 +0200, Andreas Vox wrote:
> zee wrote:
>> by this (below) are you saying the User's Library, as opposed to the
>> System Library?
>> Does the tilde (~) signify System or User Library?
> ~ means user home directory, it expands to /Users/vox (or whatever)
> On OSX frameworks are placed in either of these locations:
> /Library/Frameworks (system),
> /System/Library/Frameworks (system reserved, don't install anything 
> yourself there)
> /Network/Library/Frameworks (workgroup)
> /Users/vox/Library/Frameworks (user)
> Unfortunately the Ghostscript.framework works *only* at the first of 
> these places.
> I'm currently debugging other errors with GS. I found out that the 
> framework does not include the fonts (my fault), so that it will fail 
> if the used fonts are not in /Library/Fonts.
> Also there appears to be another error with interfacing Scribus<->GS 
> which makes importing eps files fail. I still have to find the cause 
> for that.
> Print preview should work, tho.
> /Andreas
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