[Scribus] who uses Scribus?

Bodo ruffm
Wed Jul 6 00:01:07 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 01 June 2005 21:44, zee wrote:
> Not trying to seem mean, but I'm interested to know who uses Scribus
> and in what environments?
> Quark and now InDesign seem to be the stadards in my circles, and only
> learned about Scribus thru a friend.
> I believe in the Scribus project and would like to know what kind of
> traction it might be gaining in the professional market.
> thanks!
> J

Hi all, first post to this list from me!

Sorry to dig out this old topic. I subscribed to this list in February, and 
haven't looked into the Scribus folder for weeks! :paperbag: But to my 
defence, I should say that I use Scribus more often, than I follow this list.

I'm an industrial design student, and I use Scribus for four semesters for 
presentation charts, documentations and PDF-screen-presentations. 
The applications teached/used at school are InDesign and Quark, which I never 
enjoyed at home, since I'm running Linux only. The migration from OpenOffice 
to Scribus helped the quality of my documents and my own workflow :)

I found Scribus easy to learn at the beginning (I installed the one version, 
before SuSE included it - in 8.2?), and I like following the progress of 
development. Many useful features were included since then, and I'm looking 
forward to many others :) I've even joind the bugtracker last weekend to give 
feedback on needed features.

I'd like to use this occasion to thank all developers and contributors to 
Scribus, and I intend to follow it in future!


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