[Scribus] quotes and ligatures

David Soukal david.soukal
Mon Jul 4 19:16:43 CEST 2005

> From what I understand tho, ligature "replacement" is not really the correct 
> word anyway. IE, its a rendering issue, and not a character issue. IE, you 
> may render the ffl ligature, but the text still contains the 3 characters 
> ffl.

You're absolutely right: it's a rendering issue not a mere character
replacement. But there's still one piece of meta-information that should
be kept: the user's preference whether or not a particular group of
letters should be rendered as ligature or not.

BTW, what happens when one exports the document to PDF? Is the text
going to containt "ffl" or 0xFB02 (or whatever) code?

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