[Scribus] Stupid N00b Question

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jul 4 16:22:17 CEST 2005

Adrianna Pinska wrote:

>As for the opening/closing double quotes, the rule is quite simple:
>within each paragraph, alternate opening and closing quotes, starting
>with an opening quote.  If a quote is accidentally omitted (or an
>extra quote is inserted) in the original text, you'll need to fix the
>problem manually, but fortunately you'll never have to fix more than
>one paragraph per stuff-up.  You shouldn't ever have nested double
>quotes to worry about.
I think that in word-processing programs, it has to do with whether 
there is a preceding space or not; it has to be a little more 
complicated than that, since you might have something preceded and 
followed with parentheses like ("blah, blah, blah...."), but focusing on 
the absence/presence of a preceding space takes care of the bulk of the 

I wonder if there could be key-mapping to use Alt-', Ctrl-', and 
Shift-Alt-', Shift-Ctrl-', since as far as I know these aren't used for 
anything else.
Is there a way to use Scripter to modify the contents of the text frame? 
(ie, are there commands in Scripter to do this?)

Ultimately, it would seem there could be a toggle to turn on/off 
quotation mark subs, with modifiers to choose what you want to substitute.


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