[Scribus] Scribus 1.2.1 Problems with PDF export

PLinnell mrdocs
Mon Jul 4 15:59:56 CEST 2005

On Monday 04 July 2005 14:42, Richard Hammerl wrote:
> Hi to all,

Please see my comments in-line.
> I am reading the mailing list since some weeks and I'm impressed
> of it. Working with Scribus is fun. There is only old CorelDraw
> that brings me back sometimes from Linux to Windows, but now I hope
> I can sort out my old Windows machine soon. :-)
> But, I' m experiencing a problem with a PDF file exported by
> scribus. The file contains a color gradient from red to white and
> this seems to be a problem for my printing shop. They work with
> Quark Express for Mac. Are there any known issues?

Yep, to be completely blunt. Quark Express PDF import support is not 
so good and using Quark exclusively in a print shop is kinda old 
fashioned. There are others on the list who provoked, might rant 
longer and louder ;)

As a professional DTP consultant, I do not recommend this workflow - 
*ever*. Importing Scribus PDF into Quark, should only be used as a 
last resort. Quark PDF import cannot handle embedded or sub-set  
fonts correctly, nor does it handle transparency well in my 

Modern print shop should be able to handle PDF directly with Acrobat 

The reply might be "
> The pdf file looks fine in Acrobat Reader (versions 7 and 5), 
>I can
> see it without problems in gv.

Lucky, I consider gv obsolete and imo should be banished from distros. 
GSview is far superior and is actively maintained. See:

bottom of page

> Even Preview on Mac shows it
> correctly. Xpdf has problems and does not show the pdf file
> correctly. There are two logos displayed as black boxes. The color
> gradient looks ok....
Xpdf cannot display some types of transparency correct. Known issue.

> The pdf format is 1.3, it's a very simple label for a CD, two
> colors black and red. Fonts are embedded....
> Has anybody an idea what I could do or try else? Thanks in advance.

If your printer is unable to handle PDF natively, then I would look 
elsewhere. Depending on where you are, there are printers we can 

Please have a look at:


You could even print it out and take to your printer.

With that, if there are remaining issues, get back to the list or join 
us on IRC.


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