[Scribus] Live-CD: TeX fonts

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Jul 4 05:41:22 CEST 2005

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:

> Hi Peter,
>> At first glance, I would be *very* skeptical of including any kind of 
>> converted fonts without some serious QA on the fonts after conversion.
>> By serious, I mean testing several different with commercial RIPS 
>> with many different documents, as well as having someone with 
>> detailed knowledge of fonts looking over each font carefully in 
>> fontforge.
> That is exactly the reason why I asked for real life experience. As 
> you wrote, scribus will winnow out crummy fonts.

Scribus can drop fonts that are badly broken. Sometimes. It's largely 
reliant on FreeType's sanity checks etc, and they're hardly perfect. *do 
not* rely on Scribus to skip dodgy fonts - try to just use decent ones 

Craig Ringer

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