[Scribus] On the way to scribalbum.py

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Mon Jan 31 03:43:38 CET 2005

? (At) 21h36 -0500 30/01/05, Gregory Pittman ?crivait (wrote) :
>Something which could be a work around while I wait for a scripting 
>command for Scale to frame size, would be an expedited way of doing 
>this manually.
>Is there a keyboard command to sequentially jump the frame selection 
>from one frame to the next?  I can't seem to find anything in the 
>A problem with doing the selecting manually is to keep from not 
>moving the frames.

You're right. This could be solved if the "Content" tool would remain 
selected instead of always going back to the "Item" tool. Then it 
wouldn't be that easy to accidentally move any frame just upon a 
mouse click.


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