[Scribus] Printing

caleb calebsr2k
Fri Jan 28 21:41:29 CET 2005

Okay sorry about the last post. If I create a new document and type a 
few lines of text with different typefaces it prints fine.  I will 
explain what happened.  I started a document from scratch Margins of 1" 
Top,Left and Right Margins at .50" and bottom Margin of .50"

I started by drawing text boxes and importing text.  I noticed that I 
could not do a full justification on the text. So as I went along I also 
printed my document step by step.  Somewhere along the way I stopped 
step by step printing. I figured that scribus has been workin fine so 
far so what the heck.  When I finished my document I sent the job to the 
printer and the printer whirled and whirled and said busy. So I figured 
that it would print sooner or later. 12 hours later no print. So I went 
to the extreme and reinstalled linux and scribus 1.2.1-1.  Hoping that 
all would work now I opened my previously saved document and proceeded 
to print again.  Guess what, no printed document.  The worst thing was 
that I could not even exort it to a PDF. When I did do a PDF in only 
showed parts of my document.  I really need to get this working if you 
need me to chat or give better details I would be more than glad to do 
so. I would love to see scribus being used around the globe. I feel that 
this is an excellent dtp program.  The problem my lie with me or the 
fonts that I have used.  I created a document with the only three fonts 
that I use in my document.
Comic Sans - TTF
AvantGarde - Type 1
Times New Roman Regular - TTF

My document looks great on screen, I hope to get it on paper soon.

Thank you again.

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