[Scribus] Quark user's questions

John Kershaw john
Wed Jan 26 23:45:59 CET 2005

At 10:36 pm +0100 26/1/05, Craig Bradney wrote:
>Sure you can.. plus.. dont forget you can use shift click on the properties
>palette to do smaller movements.

Um, no I can't. I'm in a photo right now (well, 
not *right* now, I'm typing this), with the 
content tool selected, and pressing 
up/down/left/right cursor keys does nothing. If I 
select the object tool I can indeed move the 
whole frame, but that's not what I want. I want 
to move the photo around inside the frame, in one 
direction only. Which reminds me, how come 
dragging an object with shift held down doesn't 
constrain it to horizontal/vertical? Every 
object-based app I've every used does that.

>  > c) Clicking out of a picture box moves the image! After inserting an
>>  image and moving it around, the photo always jumps into the top-left
>>  corner of the frame! Thereafter it works as expected.
>This is because you are using scale to frame. Turn that off and this issue
>will stop. Functionality issue we havent agreed on the best method.

No. I'm not using Scale to Frame. I'm using 'Free 
scaling' (in the 'Images' part of the inspector 
palette, yes?). I just tried now: click empty 
frame, cmd-click, Get Picture, click 'Lock aspect 
ratio', enter 40%, 35%, 33% (is there an up/down 
1%/5% scale shortcut combo?), happy with the 
size, adjusted the position a little, clicked 
onto the next frame... whammo, the photo jumps up 
into the top left corner. I'm not imagining it!

>You answered your own question there. View menu.

Touch? :)

>  > e) Copy/paste image from one frame to another doesn't work.
>Copy the frame.

I have four frames placed on the page exactly 
where they should be, ie so when I trim between 
them there's the correct amount of white space 
around each photo. In the top left frame I have a 
'sample' photo, taken by the school photographer. 
I've dragged guides to match the position of 
eyes, mouth, & chin. I imported a photo into the 
top right frame and scaled it so that the 
features were in the same relative locations. I 
then wanted to copy/paste that image into one of 
the two lower frames so I could import the next 
photo into my guided box. Copy/pasting the frame 
wouldn't achieve the same result. And if I have 
the *content* tool selected, copy/pasting should 
address the content, not the object.

>  > f) X-scale/y-scale is unlocked by default - dispro fitting is very
>  > rarely desired. Having the two locked together by default would make
>  > more sense.

Possibly it's a bad idea to get sued when you 
dispro fit a real estate image and are liable 
under the terms of the Misdescriptions Act. I can 
think of only one time when I've actually dispro 
fitted an image (a duotone in a sidebar - it was 
so unusual it stuck in my mind), out of the tens 
of thousands of images I've imported into boxes 
(oh my sad life!).

>AFAIK thats not true. 1.2.1 should be there.

FinkCommander says the current version is 1.2-11 
(binary and source) and that's the version I've 
got installed (screenshot attached).

At 4:48 pm -0500 26/1/05, Louis Desjardins wrote:
>In the Settings>Preferences>Tools click on the 
>Image Frame icon. Aside of the X-scale and 
>Y-scale fields you have a little "chain" icon 
>that allows you to lock or unlock this.

Aha - thanks for this :)


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