[Scribus] Quark user's questions

Peter Linnell mrdocs
Thu Jan 27 00:48:27 CET 2005

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 23:43, John Kershaw wrote:
> At 12:24 pm -1000 26/1/05, wayne wrote:
> >Go to the Properties >Image window and click in either the X or Y Position
> >boxes. You can use the scroll arrows, mouse scroll wheel or the keyboard
> >arrow keys to nudge the image within the frame (after double clicking on
> > the image). Holding down the Shift key will allow finer adjustments.
> Oh my. Oh my. What comes after lol & rotfl? I have eyes like saucers
> (where's a webcam when you need one?)
> I was clicking the *image* and trying to use the cursor keys to move it.
> Is this, like, a normal Unix thing? I've never seen anything like
> this on Mac or Windows. I could understand clicking the little arrow
> widgets (though I'd have to look hard or be told to do it) but
> pressing up/down in a text field to adjust the value? Bi-zarre!
> If you wanna snaffle any Quark/InDesign converts, you need to change
> that behaviour.
> John.

And for other neat geeky,techy - but totally useful tricks:

Set your preference in inches.

Create a new blank A4 doc. Note the width is 8.2639 inches.

Drag a guide our from the left side ruler. Drop it half way across the page. 
This guide needs to be *exactly* centered on the page.

Then go: Page > Manage Guides (or right click the guide)

Click in the X-Pos spin box

Highligh all with a swipe of the mouse.


Then, type 8.2639/2

Click the Add button.

Now you have a guide centered on the page within 1/10000ths of an inch 

All spinboxes where you can directly input a value can do math operators.

Try that with Quark.


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