[Scribus] quotation marks?

Dave Spagnol davecs
Tue Jan 25 23:01:11 CET 2005

I have added Quotation Marks to my keyboard. Before you copy this, back up any 
files you alter, just in case. Also save the amended files in your /home 
directory as updating xorg will ?repair? your work!

The solution is easy: amend this file:


This is the ?fallback? file used to allocate symbols to your keypresses, 
basically your language file (gb in my case) is just the amendments to this 

If your language file does not put its own keys on the RightAlt-v and b keys, 
you will find the 66 and 99 quotes there already, However the 
Shift-RightAlt-v and b keys just duplicate the grave and apostrophe keys so I 
changed them. Here are the lines as they appear in my latin file:

key <AB04> { [    v,     V, leftdoublequotemark, leftsinglequotemark ] };
key <AB05> { [    b,     B, rightdoublequotemark, rightsinglequotemark ] };

If you do not know what a symbol name is, it doesn't matter. Find the Unicode 
number in Hex, and add 0x100 to the front of it. For example, an emdash in 
Unicode is 2014Hex, so you put it in the table as 0x1002014.

One of the problems of having ?smart quotes? built in is that, in British 
imperial measurements, " means inch and ' means foot. And I am 5'11" tall!

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