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robert robert
Tue Jan 25 15:42:10 CET 2005

On Tuesday 25 January 2005 03:54, Eilert wrote:
> Craig Ringer schrieb:
> Ok, I installed that thing and recompiled Scribus. Wonderful, all
> options are there now.
> BUT IT'S SO NASTY: There is still the problem that when I want to
> combine 2 A4 pages on an A3 sheet, the A4 pages are shown at their
> correct positions but zoomed down as if they were both printed onto an
> A4 sheet. So both pages are on the landscape A3 somehow smaller and in
> their lower left corner, but at the correct positions.
> As I wrote, in the Windows printer driver I can determine the size of
> the originals AND the size of the printed media (A4 -> A3). Here from
> CUPS I don't get that option, I just can choose the media size.
> No idea what causes this, but a solution would be much appreciated :-))
> Rolf

I ran into a problem a few months ago where the page won't print as layed out 
on the screen. Even the PDF looked fine, but the printout was shifted. After 
much frustration I found the answer. You may be encountering the same issue.

Some (all??) printers will not print edge-to-edge. Some claim they will, but 
in the printer itself is a fit-to-page option. My printer has this hard 
coded. So if I try to print something with margins too small, the printer 
will be "helpful" and automatically shrink the page. This is what was 
throwing the margins off for me. This "feature" was only documented in the 
technical reference, which was not included with the printer.
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