[Scribus] Re: What is this

celiosanto9 celio
Tue Jan 25 13:50:35 CET 2005

Hi Scribus friends,

Here in Brazil we usually send to people with these simptoms a botle of 
natural mineral sparkling water named "S?o Louren?o" famous for is high 
lithium content , that is really good in cases of depression, bad humour 
and so on...

Please send me the adress for shipment. I will send a sixpack !

Cheers to Scribus!

Celio Santos
celio at elctronic.srv.br

Gregory Pittman wrote:

> Charles Wolff wrote:
>> Hello, 
> Well, it doesn't matter much what he wrote, since things went 
> considerably downhill after the salutation.  Something's troubling 
> Charles, and it's clearly not Scribus.
> I can only hope that his subconscious quest for the right antidepressant 
> for his 'chemical imbalance' is successful.
> Greg

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