[Scribus] quotation marks?

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Mon Jan 24 21:51:48 CET 2005

tobid a ?crit :

> Hi all,
> how can i insert the correct quotation marks in scribus (in german 99 
> 66)? if i try to insert special characters in the text editor the 
> programm crashs.

Hi Tobid,

I would suggest you use OO.org to edit your text and insert the 
quotation marks in a (maybe) easier way, as well as typographic 
apostrophe and the like. Then import in Scribus this .sxw file (uncheck 
the "text only" option). Unless there would be a font/glyph issue, the 
quotation marks will be imported.

If you've already gone too far to do that or simply if you don't want to 
to it like that, then I suggest you use the Find/Replace menu in Scribus 
to change these quotes.

As for why the program crashes while inserting special characters, this 
is beyond my knowledge...



> thank you for your help!
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