[Scribus] Littlecms on debian sarge

Gerhard Gaußling ggrubbish
Sat Jan 22 23:48:25 CET 2005

Am Samstag 22 Januar 2005 04:01 schrieb Christoph Sch?fer:
> Hi everybody,
> as it seems, I'm a lucky one who still retains a zip-file with lprof
> 1.09. It's released under the GPL, and last I looked, everyone's free
> to distribute GPL code as long as one plays by the rules.
> Wouldn't it be a great service to the scribus community to make the
> archive available on the scribus-site?

Hello Christoph,

You can also find it on www.archive.org (waybackmachine):

There you can find a warning and that that release of lcms 1.11 is 
kindly sponsored by hp.


Profiler construction set

littlecms does not only provide profiler programs, but also the basic 
blocks for building more sophisticated or specific profile generators. 
Due to its inherent nature, this library is released under GPL, that 
is, can be used on any free program, but not in commercial ones. Unlike 
the CMM, that is free to be used even in commercial apps, the profiler 
construction set is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

WARNING: Some functionality of this package may violate patents on some 
countries. By downloading this software, you agree to not use or 
redistribute it at all if any related patent does apply to you. We 
declinate all responsability if you disregard this notice.


is empty 

Kind regards

Gerhard Gau?ling 

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