[Scribus] Littlecms on debian sarge

Peter Linnell mrdocs
Thu Jan 20 17:54:23 CET 2005

On Thursday 20 January 2005 17:17, Kite Lau wrote:
> > Hello everybody..
> >
> > Being a new user of scribus, I am trying to set up my system as
> > appropriately as possible for dtp. In "docs.scribus.net" I read about
> > littlecms and the tools to use in order to tune up the hardware for best
> > performance with colour. Yet, I can't seem to find my way round with
> > littlecms. Installing the relative package, I have tools like tifficc,
> > jpegicc  etc, yet I cannot find anything like qtmonitorprofiler. Could
> > someone direct me to some source of information?
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> The profiler was removed from the littlecms webpage. Perhaps you can get
> the icc file from your monitor vendor, then you do not have to generate
> the icc file by hand. Am I right?
> Kite

Sort of...

You still can get the lprof package ( I think) from debian. That is the 
package with the visual profiling tools. They are unmaintained and Marti 
Maria, the developer no longer wishes to support them. Longer term, there is 
work on-going to provide a system wide monitor for x.org

A "canned" profile from the manufacturer in the absence of anything else is 
better than nothing. They are based on sampling and can't be relied on for 
exact, pro level DTP work. I have a client with 6 pro DTP grade monitors - 
all the same model and age. There are subtle differences and it takes 
hardware to really profile them properly.

The CMS docs are being (heavily) re-written, to reflect the current situation 
and note the new capabilities in Scribus CMS.


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