[Scribus] Broken fonts and FontSample script

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Wed Jan 19 17:57:49 CET 2005

I ran the FontSample script and got a list of 29 fonts that are
"broken, discarding it." Some live in /Library/Fonts and some
live in /sw/lib/X11/applettf. Some of the fonts it says were broken
appeared in the output document FontSample created.

I have applesystemfonts, msttcorefonts, and ghostscript-fonts installed
via fink. I pointed scribus to all three directories to add those fonts.
(Are there any other font packages worth installing? I see gimp-freefonts
and gimp-sharefonts in the fink list.)

How do I fix or get rid of these fonts? I also don't want the applettf
bad fonts showing up again after I update it to a new version. Most of
the fonts in /Library I've never used (AlBayan.ttf, Geeza.ttf, etc.). I
probably wouldn't miss them. The ones in applettf I
have (Copperplate.ttf, MarkerFeltThin.ttf, etc.).

The whole font thing is a big mystery to me, but I'd like to get my
X11 apps (Scribus, OpenOffice, and Gimp) and, ideally, my Mac OS X
apps all working with the same fonts and having all the fonts work.
That may be a pipe dream, but at a minimum I'd like each app to
only see fonts it can use.

Carol Kankelborg 
cckborg1 at kankelborg.net

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