[Scribus] A few problems

Plinnell scribusdocs
Mon Jan 17 22:46:53 CET 2005


On Monday 17 January 2005 19:26, Peter Nermander wrote:
> I have now upgraded to Oleksandrs latest Debian-package to make sure the
> following problems were not due to old version.
> I'm not sure if these are know bugs or not, I can file bug reports for them
> if they are not alreade known.
> When printing to postscript I can not find any information in the file
> regarding page size, nor any %%BoundingBox-comment. Neither does ghostview
> so it shows all pages as A4 (default paper size).

In my experience, there is one - only one - truly reliable PS viewer for 
Scribus: gsview 4.6 + AFPL Ghostscript - currently 8.50. 

I have written extensively in the docs about the preferred apps for DTP . 
Hence I wrote: 

Every other viewer I've looked at is either functionally obsolete or missing 
some functionality. I've personally plead with distro packagers to obsolete 
some of these ;) 

> I know that Scribus target is towards PDF rather than postscript, but I
> think DSC compatibility is a good thing in any case.

Correct. However, GS 8.50 does not generate many complaints here about DSC.
> My second issue is with text flowing around text frames. It works like a
> charm on an ordinary page. It also works in a page Template. BUT when I
> assign that template to a page the flowing is gone (and texts appears on
> top of eachother).
Possible bug. Please file one with a sample file if you have a good example.

> Third item. Snap to guides-settings does not seem to get saved. I'm not
> sure about any of the other settings in the View menu, but I use guides
> mainly for this snap feature and it bugs me to have to set this option each
> time i start Scribus.

Have you tried renaming your .scribus directory ? This might fix it, tho this 
kind of issue e.g. preferences files getting messed up, seems rare now.
> I'm also a but unsure if the snapping works for the start point of an
> object or if it only works for the end point (and when moving/resizing)?

Fixed in CVS.
> (This also reminds me of that in the old version I used I could not create
> for example text frames starting at any other corner then upper left. it
> would be neat to be able to start at any corner, for example starting at
> lower left drawing up to the right.)

This should be filed as a feature request on http://bugs.scribus.net.  I 
looked, but thought this might already be filed.

> Lastly I can not seem to get color management active. I have copied a bunch
> of profiles (downloaded lcms profile package and also copied everything
> from c:\windows\system\color on my Win98 machine, the latter includes at
> least one printer profile and a bunch of monitor profiles) into
> /usr/lib/scribus/profiles.

Bad. There is probably one really useful profile from that directory: sRGB. 
Monitor profiles are device specific and trulys hould be custom created with 
profiling tools, even if only visual profiling tools. I'm not sure if lprof 
exists as a Debian package.

When I do custom installs on Win2k for DTP machines, those generic profiles 
get nuked immediately and then system write deny ACL's are put on that 
directory to prevent Windows File Protection from reinstalling them. 

A more useful set of ICC profiles is the Adobe ICC profiles which can be 
freely downloaded from www.adobe.com This set includes some well defined CMYK 
and RGB profiles which are widely used in pre-press. 

> In Settings I set the profile directory to that 
> path (but if I undestand right Scribus should look there even if I did
> not?). Of course I restarted Scribus after each activity to see if color
> management showed up, but nope...

Do you have littlecms installed and CCT in your Help About, near the Build 
ID ?

Simply adding the Adobe profiles might set things right.

Hope that helps,

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