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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Jan 12 14:05:56 CET 2005

? (At) 13h15 +0100 12/01/05, tobid at ev-theol.uni-bonn.de ?crivait (wrote) :
>Thomas R. Koll wrote:
>>Open your template pages/Musterseiten and type Strg-# once for 1-9
>>twice for 1-99 etc...
>>ciao, tom
>thanks Thomas, i`m a litle bit lazy and wondered why the page 
>numbers continued with 1 after page 9 :)

Additionnal hint.
If you need precise alignment for page numbers, I suggest you make 
separate templates for 1-9 and then for 10-99, etc. Otherwise you 
will discover that lower digits 1-9 are misaligned when centered or 
right aligned. There are two causes to this: a) ## even if it numbers 
properly 1-9 (and not 01-09 for instance) keeps a little space for 
the second # in low numbers and b) such generated numbers always 
align to the left.
Have a good day!

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