[Scribus] PDF bookmark export broken in 1.2.1

Ingo Hohmann iho
Tue Jan 11 17:16:11 CET 2005

Hi All,

can someone tell me how exporting PDF bookmarks is supposed to work? For
all its worth it seems to be completely broken under 1.2.1

What I did:

Create a new scribus file,
add two textframes,
mark them as PDF bookmarks,
export to PDF (including bookmarks)

Output seems to be OK, except that I had a very long paragraph as first
paragraph, so I got a very long bookmark.

Start changing any text in the any of the frames, export it again, but
don't depend on your bookmarks, ... I get sometimes none, sometimes one
without text, ...

In a second attempt with a completely new file, I get only one of two
bookmarks, and it does not contain text.

Did I do something wrong?


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