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robert robert
Tue Jan 11 16:23:56 CET 2005

For updating Mandrake, don't forget you can use the urpmi system to help sort 
out the dependencies issues, i.e.

urpmi scribus-1.2.1-2mdk.i586.rpm libscribus0-1.2.1-2mdk.i586.rpm 

In this case, the rpms were manually downloaded and in the current directory 
before I ran this command. Worked like a charm on my system (Mandrake 10.1). 
Properly setup, urpmi is, IMHO, 99% as good as apt-get is for debian.
> You can also use the Mandrake RPM version. Firstly download
> scribus-1.2.1-2mdk.i586.rpm and libscribus0-1.2.1-2mdk.i586.rpm files from
> http://www.gulus.org/scribus/RPMS/ then you need to go to a Mandrake main
> repository, and download libstdc++6-3.4.1-4mdk.i586.rpm. I found this at
> http://gulus.usherb.ca/pub/distro/Mandrakelinux/official/current/i586/media
> You then need to install these using kpackage, first libstdc++6, then
> scribus ignoring dependencies, then libscribus0. (Scribus will not install
> without libscribus0, which will not install until the old version has been
> overwritten!).
> I haven't been able to test either for any length of time, so if your
> computer blows up, etc., I cannot be held responsible!!
> Hope this is of help to someone!
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