[Scribus] Images in PDF output

Kobus Wolvaardt kobuswolf
Mon Jan 10 02:39:02 CET 2005


> the photograph in that document.  I create a PDF document from that  
> scribus document and take it to be printed.  The photograph, however, is  
> seriously washed out.  It appears washed out in the pdf when viewed  
> on-screen, also.

I also experience this. Correct me if i'm wrong, but it has to do with the  
conversion from rgb->cmyk. I think that converting a file to cmyk with  
photoshop or gimp (I dont know how good gimp supports this) and including  
it into scribus might improve the color.

A while ago there was a discussion about cmyk images being changed when  
exported as cmyk in scribus, and there was talk of exporting all cmyk  
files unchanged to pdf. Is this true? There are companies who has very  
harsh demands when it comes to the color of their ads and it would help if  
I can export cmyk images (pdf's, eps's, tiff's) without their color being  


Die W?reld media

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