[Scribus] Compile error 1.2.1 on Ubuntu

Malte Cornils malte
Sun Jan 9 19:17:06 CET 2005


Am Sonntag, 9. Januar 2005 17:31 schrieb Jozsef Mak:
> >You could try getting that package, installing it via sudo dpkg -i
> >libqt3-mt*.deb, then watching the errors for what other packages
> >libt3-mt-dev
> >expects (will be a few, mostly those in the main/q/qt-x11-free directory.
> >
> >If you're lucky, that works.
> >
> >If you're not, you have borked your system and can maybe rescue it 
> >upgrading everything to hoary.
> >If you're a Linux newbie, it is a good idea to wait until hoary comes out!
> >
> >Since this is an ubuntu question, you might be better off asking followup
> >questions on one of the ubuntu forums.
> Hi Malte,
> Thanks for the suggestion. I am not an absolute beginner but not an expert
> either. So if there is a possibility that the package, you mentioned, might
> break my system i rather wait untill some more ideas come up regarding this
> problem.

If the newer libqt3-mt-dev requires updated base packages like a new libc6, 
you're in trouble. Backing out of this often requires hand-holding since 
downgrading packages is not always supported (i.e. policy does not dictate 
that downgrades must be possible - you're on your own).

But here are some other ideas if you cannot wait:

1.) With dpkg -I you can get the dependancies of a specific .deb file. With 
that, you can find out which package depends on which other package and 
recursively find out whether the complete set of packages you need.

2.) You could also get the source package for libqt3, install its build 
dependancies with apt-get build-dep scribus and compile this on a warty 
system. This does not always work, but most of the time you get a new package 
that is more compatible than the hoary package while less compatible than a 
carefully done manual backport. (I'll spare you the details - if you can 
install all build deps and the package builds and dpkg -I shows good 
dependancies, installing it should be safe). 


BTW: At least that's how Debian systems work, but I'm fairly sure ubuntu is 
not different in this regard.

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