[Scribus] Scribus 1.2.1 for Mandrake 10.1 available

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun Jan 9 05:08:15 CET 2005

? (At) 22h44 -0500 8/01/05, Francis Giraldeau ?crivait (wrote) :
>Done for me :) Scribus is available for Mandrake 10.1 at the following URL :
>But I have yet a problem with gpg key. I exported my public key with
>gpg --export -a > pubkey
>and signed packages with :
>rpm --resign *scribus*.rpm
>But, when adding the source with URPMI to test the repository, another key is
>taken for the scribus source. Then, when updating, it says that the rpm key
>is invalid, even when I do "rpm --import
>http://www.gulus.org/scribus/RPMS/media_info/pubkey". What I do wrong? I know
>that it's not a scribus related problem... But if somebody has the answer, it
>would help :)


As additionnal information, I am testing now with the version Francis 
has compiled.

One major problem is OO.o importer doesn't work at all. Scribus 
doesn't even list OO.o (,sxw) in the supported formats.

Plus, some basic fonts are not showing up and Scribus asks to replace them.


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