[Scribus] Scripter question

John Griessen john_g
Fri Jan 7 04:44:01 CET 2005

This sounds like a way to make any consecutive numbered page layouts
or perhaps envelope layouts with different addresses for mailing.

I just used the xml file format and a bash script to get good
results creating pages of numbered checks to print, but had to export each one 
to pdf form with mouse clicks.   Which reminds me,  a cvs version of a few days 
ago would not print directly when a exported pdf would.

I found that the font GnuMICR can be used with scribuses font checking
if you use only the .pfa and .afm files and toss the .pfb file and .ttf file.
See http://lager.dyndns.org/GnuMICR/  for this open source font.

John G

command to tell Scribus to
>>> fit the image to the frame...is there a command to do that?
>> There is now :-)
>> I have a large patch in progress for the macro stuff, and I've dropped
>> it in with that. 

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