[Scribus] Downsampling bitmaps and pdf

Andy Prior andyprior
Thu Jan 6 17:37:21 CET 2005

Hi All,

This problem has just prevented me from completing a report in Scribus and I 
feel bitterly disappointed. I really wanted Scribus to work "in anger".

The report contains 3 graphical elements types:  
1) jpg photos
2) tables created in OpenOffice and exported to pdf (high resolution)
3) plots created in Grace and exported as pdf (tried SVG but this was 

The report is exported in 2 pdf versions, one for printing, the other at lower 
resolution for electronic distribution and screen viewing.

The problem arises when downsampling the jpg images to 100dpi as this process 
also seems to affect the pdf tables and plots rendering them ugly and "bitty" 
when subsequently viewed in, for example, Acrobat.  Not suitable for 

The full resolution file is fine and prints well but, at 11Mb, it is not 
suitable for e-mailing.

I have tried converting the OO pdfs to eps, via pdftops, then importing to 
Scribus and whilst they look wonderful on the screen in Scribus, as soon as 
the document is saved as pdf and images downsampled, the same problem occurs.

So, is this behaviour expected or is it me? If it is me, please can someone 
offer some good advice.  If its not me, what can be done?


PS. As the report was due out today I had to transfer everything to Indesign 
and was forced to use Windows - didn't like that but it worked faultlessly.

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