[Scribus] Pic format to yearbook specs.

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Jan 6 02:58:18 CET 2005

Jim Christiansen wrote:

> Hello, I run a linux system of about 100 boxes in a grade 8 to 12 
> school and plan to produce next year's yearbook using Scribus in a 
> classroom setting.  I have our type1 fonts installed but the weak link 
> (that I see now) is going to be photo inserts.  Using Pagemaker I had 
> a plugin from our yearbook company called designer's edge.  The only 
> feature that we used was the the automatic picture/insertion tool in 
> it.  It converted all images to tiff, changed them to 300 dpi and 
> grayscale all as an image was dragged into a frame.  I can use 
> imagemagic in a script to do this easy enough beforehand, but I know 
> that if this conversion was done on the fly (because our students work 
> with jpgs from our camers), I wouldn't have as many errors at the 
> publisher end.  Does anyone know how to make a feature in Scribus to 
> do this?

One of my aggravations about having kids in school was that what passes
for classes in learning about computers is scratching the surface of the
GUI of some program that does all the work, with all the default
settings.  It would be like having a class in TV broadcasting where all
you do is learn how to load a DVD and press the remote buttons.

What you are describing is a perfect task for these classmates to take a
task like image manipulation, develop a system (command line, script,
whatever) and actually learn something about the process.  As long as
you have  a repository of original image files stashed away....

I showed my (then) high school-aged daughter how to use cdparanoia to
rip a CD, then convert the files to ogg with oggenc, complete with all
the titles, artists, etc.  Once she learned it, she was on autopilot.


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