[SPAM] Re: [Scribus] 250-300 page book

David Christian Berg david
Thu Jan 6 00:38:47 CET 2005

> You should really be setting the DPI in Gimp. Scribus will scale appropriately 
> on import.

Ok, you might want to, because with 72dpi you might end up with a huge
image in your document. The important thing is, that Scribus will allow
you to scale the image to the size you want it, after you inserted it.
You can't tell before placing it, how many dpi you'll eventually need.
Will your screenshot be 10cm in width or 10.5 cm once printed? You just
don't know, until you have the layout finished. It's likely that you'll
need the screenshots to be different sizes within the book. That is why
the set dpi-number in the image is not really that important. Then on
export you get the required 300dpi, actually rendering the image again,
you need for the printer, no matter how much you scaled it before.


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