[Scribus] Crop marks

Khiraly khiraly123
Wed Jan 5 23:50:42 CET 2005

Dear list,

My problem is the following:
I have a document in specific format:

The prepress bureau use the following paper size:
sr-A3 320mm*450mm

So I must center my document on a sr-A4 document, and place some  CROP

- What is the easiest method to center on a bigger papersize a smaller
document (so on a 320mm*450mm I want to place a 210mm*396mm document).
  I can write manually, that the margins are:
left: 55mm
right: 55mm
top: 32mm
bottom: 32mm
( in the page properties. But scribus dont place on the printable area
(ie. not exactly o the center)

- How can I place CROP MARKS on the page for the prepress? Is it really
important because I want to print a double sided document.
- Can I place automatically? (if I set correctly the margins values, the
crops marks should be in the right place)

Thx in advance.

Best regards, 

ps: sorry for my ugly english.

Khiraly <khiraly123 at gmx.net>

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