[SPAM] Re: [Scribus] 250-300 page book

David Christian Berg david
Wed Jan 5 23:45:13 CET 2005

> Any tips on preparing screenshots for print? I want my books to look top
> notch. Currently, I do the screen capture with GIMP, change the image mode to
> greyscale, then use the scaling window in GIMP to change the graphic to
> 300x300 DPI, then I rescale the size of the picture. It looks fuzzy on the
> screen (in Scribus), but when I print it on my 600 dpi laser it looks good.
> >From GIMP, I save the screen catpures as TIFF for use in Scribus.

What I'd do ist just capture the screen, convert it to grayscale (both
using the Gimp) and save it in a folder. Then import it in Scribus. This
is where you scale the picture to the size you need in your document and
get the right clipping.
Then when exporting to pdf, you'll just select the wanted resolution of
300 dpi.

> One printer told me he needs the TIFFs (for the screenshots, PDF for text)
> another said the PDF was all he needed - which one knows what he's doing?

Even though somebody on the list said they both new, what they were
doing, I believe that only the second one does. I've never heard of a
printer requesting pictures and text separately from one another (I'm
from Germany, so maybe that's different in other countries). If there
isn't a significant difference in prices, or a known difference in
quality, I'd go with the "pdf-only-printer". It's a lot easier to lay
out and I believe that separating images from text will easily screw up
your result.

Also: Please note, that Scribus doesn't support bleeding yet. This means
that if you've objects that are supposed to go right to the edge of the
page you need to create documents that are larger than the final size
you want to have.

Hope Scribus will do the job for you!


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