[SPAM] Re: [Scribus] 250-300 page book

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Jan 5 19:54:55 CET 2005

> A screenshot is a screenshot. ;-)

Yes, and PNG will do you just perfectly.

> The best way to go would be to test up to the very end of the
> production line, if possible. The printed page is your goal. How it
> looks on screen is only a preview. As we say, we don't go by the
> screen, we go by the print!

Images are shown at 72dpi onscreen (with other options coming in 1.3)

> My advice is try not to "resize" too much screenshots. This will
> rapidly reveal the defaults.

Once set to 300dpi, if scaling is required then once, down only, or never 
preferably. Keep originals and if you need to rescale, scale down from the 

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