[Scribus] Pic format to yearbook specs.

Jim Christiansen christiansen_j
Wed Jan 5 04:16:42 CET 2005

Hello, I run a linux system of about 100 boxes in a grade 8 to 12 school and 
plan to produce next year's yearbook using Scribus in a classroom setting.  
I have our type1 fonts installed but the weak link (that I see now) is going 
to be photo inserts.  Using Pagemaker I had a plugin from our yearbook 
company called designer's edge.  The only feature that we used was the the 
automatic picture/insertion tool in it.  It converted all images to tiff, 
changed them to 300 dpi and grayscale all as an image was dragged into a 
frame.  I can use imagemagic in a script to do this easy enough beforehand, 
but I know that if this conversion was done on the fly (because our students 
work with jpgs from our camers), I wouldn't have as many errors at the 
publisher end.  Does anyone know how to make a feature in Scribus to do 
Thanks for any ideas,  Jim
ps-  I'm amazed at how Scribus has progressed and I'm very excited to be so 
close to getting Scribus into an educational setting-

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