[Scribus] Re: Scribus Digest, Vol 23, Issue 6

Gerald Quakenbush geraldq
Tue Jan 4 16:52:55 CET 2005


Just d/l Scribus 1.2 and I am impressed. Used to work with PageMaker 3.0/4.0
(yea, I'm old in Internet time...) Hadn't done a lot of DTP work recently.

Anyways, I'm launching a new business venture - an independent publishing
company. I was about to purchase Quark when I ran across Scribus. Our books
will be focused on open source and we like to use open source as much as we
possibly can.

Anyways - I'm looking for tips and suggestions for doing 250-350 page book
projects in Scribus. Our books will feature lots of screen captures. One of
the issues I'm thinking about - should I put each chapter in its own file, or
try to put everything in one file? I dummyed up a 300 page scribus document
and flowed the text of the GLBA into it (I knew that law would be good for
something) and Scribus seemed to slow down quite a bit - but it did handle it.
(Didn't have any graphics in it.)

I'd love to hear your suggestions. I'm planning to take what we learn in this
process and put it together in a paper and share with everyone.


Gerald Quakenbush

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