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Mon Jan 3 20:07:29 CET 2005

Dnia Mon, 03 Jan 2005 09:52:28 -0500 w e-mailu od Mark Kimsal
<mkimsal at conduit-it.com> przeczytano:
> >
> You know what's really annoying about the story editor.  It doesn't 
> render text with the proper font nor font size, but it does render the
>  font color.  So if you have white text on a colored section of page -
>  or 
> on top of an image - it will show up in the story editor as white on 
> white text.  I vote for getting rid of font colors in story edit mode.
> Don't try to represent any of the text styles - colors, fonts, size, 
> etc... - or do all of them.

IMHO the color of the text should be represented - working with
multicolored text frames is easier with it. The lack of every possible
funtionality in something isn't the excuse to completely abandon all
functionality. Following that rule you should remove nearly any option
for which a user lacks a feature (like why do we have to use color if we
don't have Pantone? When there's no Pantone support I don't need any
color at all, etc...).
I have just set up a neutral grey background in the Story Editor so
nearly any possible color is visible.

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