[Scribus] Again with a Newbie Question

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Mon Jan 3 15:17:06 CET 2005


I have a related question on that topic.

Wonder why my Fink install of Scribus gives me an August 04 build and 
not the most recent?
When I install from binaries, I get "Sorry, there is no upgrade to 
install. You're running the most current version".

Thanks in advance for any advice on this!


? (At) 10h04 +0100 3/01/05, Martin Costabel ?crivait (wrote) :
>Paraplegic Racehorse wrote:
>>>>On your level of newbie-ness :-) I would suggest that you type
>>>>   open-x11 scribus
>>>Nope. I tried that and it doesn't work so that's bad advice for him.
>>Correct. One way is to start Apple X11 (look in 
>>/Applications/Utilities). Then, in the terminal that opens, type in 
>>'/sw/bin/scribus &'; OR menu: Applications/Customize... and edit 
>>one of the blank lines with Name: Scribus, Command: /sw/bin/scribus
>Now this is really bad advice :-) If you do this, you have good 
>chances that your PATH environment variable does not contain 
>/sw/bin, otherwise it would not have been necessary to give the 
>complete path to /sw/bin/scribus, it would have been sufficient to 
>type "scribus".
>Now if this PATH is incorrect, scribus will not find its helper 
>applications, like gs for example, and you will get errors 
>afterwards that are more difficult to understand and to debug.
>The right way to do it in the Applications menu of Apple's X11 is to put
>source /sw/bin/init.sh ; scribus
>there. Similarly if you start scribus from an xterm command line.
>Actually, my mistake (and you are making it, too) was to assume that 
>newbies would automatically have Apple's X11 installed. If they had, 
>they could use the "open-x11" command that comes with Apple's X11 
>and that avoids having to start X11.app separately and to worry 
>about environment variables.
>It turns out that newbies nowadays often have a broken X11 
>installation that they get from installing openoffice or some other 
>similar garbage. It's Apple's schizophrenic stand about open source 
>that is at fault, of course, in that they still don't really 
>acknowledge X11 as an integral part of any installation of MacOSX.
>>Better, yet, he can get AquaScribus and open scribus the "Mac way". 
>>Go to http://www.wordtech-software.com/aquascribus.html and 
>>download the launcher. This will first launch X11 and then Scribus. 
>>It will also associate scribus files with the launcher so 
>>double-clicking a .sla file will launch and open in Scribus.
>Note that for AquaScribus to work, you also need to have Apple's X11 
>installed. So if open-x11 doesn't work, AquaScribus won't work 
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