[Scribus] Announcement: Scribus 1.3.x CVS

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Feb 28 16:44:40 CET 2005

> Please accept a candid question on reporting bugs for 1.3 cvs. You
> say "please go easy on the bug tracker" but you also say "use it,
> play with it, break it"... then I guess you need to be aware of bugs,
> aren't you?

We need to be aware of them, but, while its hard for a user to know what we 
know already, we might implement something one day that breaks another thing 
until we fix it. A bug like this is a little useless as we already know about 

> Another question is: just how relevant is it, now, to report bugs for
> 1.2.2cvs?

Still relavent. IE, bugs must be know, but no new features are going into 

> Sorry if I miss something here but is it right to understand 1.3 will
> never be "stable" and 1.4 will be that stable version? How does this
> work anyway?

We want 1.3.x to be very stable and usable for real work pretty soon. I would 
think that when we release 1.3.0 we would hope you can actually use it 
without a worry. Right now, apart from a few things not working the best, you 
can use it for real work. I expect once I do my current magazine, I will 
never use 1.2 again for real work. Of course, as you say, 1.4 will be the 
"stable" version. We will maintain 1.2, at least until 1.2.2, and we will see 
how things go after that.

> Thanks again and again for so much great work!

Have fun. :)

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