[Scribus] Softwarepatents in Europe

Jan Ulrich Hasecke janulrich.hasecke
Fri Feb 25 09:17:40 CET 2005

Sorry for abusing this list,

but there are rumours that on next Monday the "common position"
concerning software patents of the EU-ministry-council will be approved
on a meeting of the Agriculture and Fishery Ministers as an A-item,
which means without any discussions.

Thus "common position" is a threat to Open Source and a threat for small
and medium sized software companies in europe. 

I ask you to read the informations on 




Please act _today_ immediately. Send a fax to your member of parliament,
to the ministry of law in your country, to great parties and so on.

Please search with google for your parliament, then look for the fax
number of your parliament-member and call him or her!

Lookup the address of your ministry of law and send them a protest fax. 

Help to do this you will perhaps find here


Sadly I could not find the list of political addresses they had, but I
think you are able to find your ministry and set up a protest fax.


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