[Scribus] font fix in SuSe 9.2

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Fri Feb 25 05:07:48 CET 2005

>SuSe 9.2 makes a hash of fonts IMHO
>Bart Alberti

Before reading this post I had no idea of the word "hash".
I've looked into the "grand dictionnaire" at http://w3.granddictionnaire.com
and found just what I needed to understand.

Fonts are one of the biggest, and one of the fewest, issues the whole 
graphic art industry has been clashing its nails on for over nearly 
20 years now. Let me be clear, it's no less than an absolute shame.

Now, I hope someday we'll collectively have enough knowledge to share 
about *bad* fonts so they will never be a threat anymore.

There are so many ways to "preflight" a job nowadays... what about 
preflighting a font?

I was reading a story about this in a specialized "printers" magazine 
today. According to them, a study was conducted about 7 years ago by 
GATF. Fonts issues were high on a short list of the biggest problems 
in print shops. Seven years later, another study by The Seybold 
Report ends up, they say, with the very same conclusions.

When I say it's a shame.

The problem is... the only people that are really affected by font 
probs are the very end 'users'... the ones that output it. There is a 
lot more to understand about fonts. Thanks to Scribus, there is no 
way to put false bold or false italic... and this is the beginning of 


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