[Scribus] re: HP 2550L colour standards

el Sismógrafo , S.L. sismi
Wed Feb 23 13:16:54 CET 2005

I do not know the HP model but from my experience (I have been running a 
Tektronix A3 Color Laser printer and a Ricoh Aficio Color 6010 with a Fiery 
E650 (which is almost 300 kg of hardware) for a long time now, so I feel I 
should share some experience with other laser users.
- Do never ever trust what vendors tell you especially concerning tco and 
other costs - they are based on a 5% coverage per page which is totally 
unreal. In color laser printers almost half of the hardware are 
consumibles!!! and some vendors will tell you the toner cost without 
computing other consumibles and amortization. Do not trust figures about per 
month output, they are anything next to Grims fairytales.
Laser systems give excellent results as long as they are new and/or properly 
maintained. Until recently no one would sell you a big color laser system 
without a maintenance contract. Problems may start once the machine has been 
running for 50.000 copies or so. The cost per copy is high compared to 
offset. Contrary to what they will tell you, you will be better off with 
offset as soon as you have to make more than 250 booklets (if you want a 
proof, ill send you the numbers). So, before you start printing big amounts 
of docs or labels, have a word with your printer...


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